The Garden Company is a small, family run gardening and landscape business based in Luxembourg. Since 1985, it has firmly established itself in the Luxembourgish gardening and landscaping culture. Our services include a broad range of activities including garden planning and execution as well as garden maintenance.

Our approach is to bring sustainable and well considered ideas to life in your garden. Through our knowledge of design, sustainable gardening, horticulture and construction, we take the art of garden making to new levels. Merging experience and creativity, our passion is crafting a unique garden that invites you to enjoy your outdoor space throughout the seasons.

Working in close collaboration with our clients, we turn your ideas into an individually tailored garden that is both in harmony with the architecture of the building and reflects your personal style. We understand how space and form work together. In combining these elements we create a unique garden for you with an emphasis on a high quality and low maintenance solution.

With over thirty years of experience in garden construction and maintenance, you can be sure that projects of any size will be handled and realized with the utmost professionalism and always within the limits of your personal wishes and budget.